If you have a legal problem, you deserve justice and I have the skills to help.

You need advice from a lawyer who really knows what they are talking about and cares about getting the best outcome for you.

If your case goes to court, or a tribunal, you need an advocate who will stand up for you and argue your case as strongly and effectively as possible.

I have 15 years experience as barrister, acting both for members of the public instructing me directly and for solicitors or public authorities asking me to represent their clients.


I am qualified to appear in every court or tribunal in England & Wales in both criminal and civil cases.

 My criminal law services include: 

  • Acting on behalf of public bodies bringing criminal cases.
  • Defending people accused of crime (I have experience of everything from homicide and serious fraud to less serious charges - I believe everyone deserves to have their case put across as well as possible).

  • Representing people caught up in road traffic law (such as speeding or drink driving charges). 

  • Helping victims of crime, providing legal services to victims directly or working with police and prosecuting agencies.

I am one of the most experienced self-employed barristers in the country with regard to Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) matters - such as asset restraint order and confiscation proceedings.

I also have special experience of criminal judicial review - asking the High Court to intervene in cases from the Magistrates' Courts.

My civil law services include:

  • General civil litigation.

  • Representing applicants for licences (such as liquor and taxi licences issued by local authorities).

  • Legal advice for parents in relations to education matters (such as admission decisions).

  • Advising and representing interested parties in relation to planning matters.
  • Judicial review of decisions of public bodies.

I pride myself on charging fair and honest fees for high quality work.  When instructed directly by members of the public I always give an exact quote in advance and will never charge more than that.  When working for solicitors I will either do the same or work on the basis of established brief or graduated fee systems.

I never take on so many clients at the same time that I can't do a high quality for job for them all.  If your case requires any expertise that I do not possess I will tell you so you can find someone else more suitable to help you.

If you have a legal problem and you would like advice or representation please do not hesitate to contact me. 

I would be honoured to help you.  Contact my office today.




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