Proceeds of Crime Act

Antony Hook is one of the most experienced barristers in the country when in comes to dealing with the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

He previously held a senior role advising on POCA work in the Crown Prosecution Service.  He has been involved in POCA cases totalling in excess of tens of millions of pounds.

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 creates powers for, among other things:

  • Police or the CPS to ask the Crown Court to restrain a person's assets (a Restraint Order);
  • A court to confiscate a person's assets (a Confiscation Order);
  • Police to ask a Magistrates' Court to temporarily seize or permanently forfeit a person's assets (a Cash Seizure or Cash Forfeiture Order).

These orders have been described as "draconian" by the Court of Appeal and certainly need to be taken very seriously.

If the authorities are seeking any kind of order under POCA against you this a serious matter and it is vital that you are properly advised and represented in court.

I can likely assist you whatever stage proceedings are have reached.

I can, among other services:

  • Advise on a Restraint Order and if there is an application to make one against you;
  • Advise on varying (changing the terms of) or discharging a Restraint Order and represent you in court for that application;
  • Advice or representation in court if a Confiscation Order is sought against you;
  • Advice or representation in relation to applications to change or discharge a Confiscation Order;
  • Advice or representation in court in relation to Cash Seizure or Forfeiture Orders.

The "cab-rank rule" that applies to barristers means that I am legally required to act for whichever side instructs me first.  That means that in some cases I provide advice and representation to authorities seeking POCA order and in other cased I represent members of the public defending against applications for POCA orders - depending on who contacts and instructs me first.  

I am strongly of the view that experience in acting for both sides makes me a better and more effective lawyer and advocate.

If you instruct me in your POCA case you will get someone who is highly experienced and skilled in this area of law.

Please do not hesitate to make contact.



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