New "legal powers" for Scotland will raise new legal issues cross-border

It is reported that Scotland will be devolved further legal powers if the public vote to stay within the UK at the forthcoming referendum.  The opinion polls indicate that the Better Together campaign will succeed in persuading Scots to vote 'no' to leaving the UK.

Whatever the outcome of the referendum many legal issues will arise that will affect people in both England and Scotland.

Assuming Scotland stays in the UK but receives more power to make law differently from the rest of the UK, people on both sides of the border will need legal advice on how that impacts on, for example:

  • Selling goods and services between England and Scotland,
  • Accessing public services on either side of the border,
  • Whether the two sides have different law on privacy, information and public accountability.

Whichever way the referendum goes there will be considerable need for good legal advice in the years ahead.


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