Services for victims of crime

There are few things worse than being the victim of crime.

The need for people accused of crimes to have legal assistance is well known.  But victims (whether individuals or organisations such as charities or companies) can often benefit from advice and representation too.

I bring the skills, expertise and knowledge of having worked with the Crown Prosecution Service and the police for several years.  I know the pressures, frameworks, policies and guidelines that the CPS, police officers and criminal courts work under and this gives me insight to help you get the best from these authorities.

I am one of the CPS's approved barristers as a Grade 3 advocate - which means I can be instructed by the CPS to prosecute serious cases on the public's behalf.

When I am acting on behalf of a member of the public (instead of being instructed by the CPS) there are various things I can do to help you:

Giving you a voice - making representations to the CPS, police, or courts

I can make representations on your behalf to these authorities to, for example, ask them to reconsider not pressing charges against the person who stole from you, assaulted you or committed another type of offence against you.

Victims Right of Review and Judicial Review

I can advise and help you on using your rights under the CPS's Victims Right of Review Scheme.  If necessary, I can advise and assist you on judicial review of a decision not to prosecute a case where you were a victim.  Judicial Review is where we ask the High Court to intervene in decisions authorities have made about your case.

Representing you to the judge

In some situations I can make representations on your behalf to a court to ensure the judge is aware of your views  and takes account of your interests or, for example, to request an order is made to prevent you being identified.

Applying for civil injunctions or taking other civil action

If the behaviour you are suffering is ongoing (for example in a harassment case) I may be able to apply to the court for a civil injunction on your behalf to prevent it.  If a person breaches a court injunction that will often been dealt with by imprisonment.  There are a wide range of civil remedies that victims of crime can seek.  For example, if you have been the victim of a theft an action for damages could be brought to recover your loss even if the police have not prosecuted the offender. 

Private prosecutions

The state does not have a monopoly of bringing prosecutions.  Subject to certain restrictions, anyone (a person or an organisation) can bring a prosecution in England & Wales.  This is usually called a private prosecution and in some cases has certain advantages over other legal remedies.  I can advise you and represent you in bringing a private prosecution.



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